Yesterday was another great day at LP. In spite of the fact that Nick wasn’t there, the band sounded great. Randy, Jason, and the rest of the band did a great job leading us in worship. I really loved how many different people had a part in leading yesterday. I also felt like the message went well. I am so amazed that God formed us to make us His image bearers. To think that we are His mirrors is an overwhelming thought. I find myself wondering how good of a reflector am I. I know that I am a broken mirror in need of restoration. It seems the more I journey toward God, the more aware I am of the imperfections of my mirror. None the less, when God planned me, we planned me in His image and His likeness. What a sobering thought. He gave me dominion, responsibility, morality, immortality, communion, and creativity to reflect His glory. What kind of mirror am I. He rules with compassion. I tend to rule with selfishness. He is responsible at all times. I am when it is convenient. His morality is perfection. Mine is questionable. His creativity astounds. Being creative is hard for me. Maybe I should hone my skills as an image bearer. Maybe I need to clean up the mirror a little. Perhaps I need to do more, do better, try harder. Or maybe I need to let He who called me to continue to do the work of making me into the image of His Son. Jesus restores the mirror. His blood covers my imperfections. The carpenter rebuilds. The creator reforms. Find restoration in the Son.


Seldom do I come home on Sunday and feel like everything was perfect. Most Sundays I feel like little things could have been better. It’s not usually big things. In fact, most of the time it’s little things that no one else would ever notice. That is not the case with yesterday. I can’t think of a single thing that didn’t go well. The music was spot on. i want to say a big thanks to Nick and the band for all they do to usher us into God’s presence every week. The arrangement of the worship set this week was excellent. Everything flowed extremely well. Yesterday was also one of those rare Sundays that I felt great about the message. I am sure that I said exactly what God wanted me to say, and it was very encouraging to talk about how He loves us so.
I thought it might be fitting to mention a couple of the highlights from yesterday and expound briefly on them as a reminder for those who were there and for clarity for those who weren’t. From Genesis to Revelation we see a pattern develop that is ironic when considering the greatness and holiness of God. In spite of the fact that He is self-sufficient and doesn’t need us, and we are rebellious and defy Him, He pursues our affection. We sin. We rebel. We defy. We hide. We try to cover our sin, justify our rebellion, explain away our guilt, and God chases. God pursues. God loves. it’s overwhelming when you consider it. He doesn’t need us, yet He created us. He is fully self reliant, yet He pursues us. We rebelled and deserve wrath. He loves and extends grace. That’s what so loved is. God loves us so much that He gave. He gave His Son. Nothing demonstrates His love more clearly.
So what should we do? Understand there is nothing you will do to make God love you more, and nothing you will do to make God love you less. So stop trying to do, and just stop. Let Him catch you. Feel the embrace of the Almighty. Climb up in the lap of the Lover of your soul. Sit with Him a while. Baskin His presence. Slow down and let Him catch you. Here’s to quieting the noise, slowing down the itinerary, and letting God catch us. I am so thankful for the chase.

Sometimes Sunday nights can be like the film room after a football game. i find myself rewinding the day trying to determine what went well, what didn’t go well, what could be improved, and what needs to be left alone. Last night was one of those nights. i feel like Nick and the band did an excellent job of leading us into the presence of God with every element of the worship set yesterday. I was very pleased with the first gathering and greatly enjoyed teaching about the what God is like. But then the second gathering happened, and my mic decided to go haywire. It seemed as though every time I felt like I was trying to make a crucial point the blooming thing malfunctioned. It was very distracting to me, and I assumed others. I became aware of some very important lessons yesterday.
1. i learned that it is not about me. Now bear with me. I’ve known for a long time that it isn’t about me. I’m not that talented, that special, or that good for anything to be about me. In fact I am keenly aware that it is in spite of me. However, I still often feel as though I am playing a small part in all that goes on on Sunday. Yesterday I learned that God speaks even when i am flustered, or even down right frustrated. It isn’t about me, it’s about Him and He can pursue His glory any way He wishes.
2. I learned that God can use anything to get people’s attention. I actually had one person tell me that it helped him pay attention wondering when the mic would mess up again.
3. Distractions can be detrimental. This is true in every arena of life. Cell phones have become a leading reason for automobile accidents-they distract us. Fun often distracts us from responsibility. I must admit that the tool the enemy uses most to derail me is distraction. I can become distracted by the imminent and miss the important. I can address the squeaky wheel and miss the person crying out for help. I am very easily distracted. Perhaps yesterday can serve as a reminder to shut out the distractions and hear God.