Well it has happened again. Last Monday was our annual Celebrate Recovery Banquet and blogging didn’t make it to the calendar. That event requires a lot of work prior to the night and a whole lot of work that day. I want to say thanks to all of our volunteers who work tirelessly to make that event a success. Thus far we have raised over $41,000 in gifts and pledges to continue doing the great work of recovery in our community.

The last two weeks at LifePoint have been exciting. As our Manifesto series is winding to an end (only one more week), the last two messages have proven to be insightful and controversial. There is nothing more controversial than telling people that Jesus is the only way to heaven (last week) and that everyone who doesn’t follow Jess will spend eternity in Hell (yesterday). This all seems narrow-minded, intolerant, and arrogant. In fact, the more I think about it, it doesn’t just seem narrow-minded, intolerant, and arrogant, but it really is narrow-minded, intolerant, and arrogant. But then, so is all truth. Isn’t it narrow-minded that 2+2 only equals 4? Isn’t it intolerant that 2 hydrogen atoms combine with 1 oxygen atom to only form water? It is definitely arrogant of a foot to only be 12 inches. Truth is absolute. Truth is definite. Truth is Jesus. Of himself he said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one gets to the Father but by me.” Jesus is definite. He is only. As such any one attempting to get to the Father by any other means fails. The wrath of God toward sin and sinfulness must be avenged. Hell is the vengeance of God’s wrath on sin. We can absorb the wrath of God toward sin ourselves in hell, or be beneficiaries of His willingness to avenge his wrath toward our sin on His son on the cross. We have but two options-pay for our sins ourselves in hell or receive the free gift of redemption found in the shed blood of Jesus on the cross. I choose Jesus. I hope you do as well.